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Window Locks

Did you know that one out of three burglaries happens through insecure window locks? However, aluminium windows can also have a higher risk of burglary if they are not fitted with a high-quality security mechanism.

Therefore, if you’ve just moved into a new residence you may need to consider a new set of window locks to act in accordance with your home’s insurance policy and to also reduce the risk of your residence being insecure.

The main types of window locks include:

Keyed Locks

These locks require a key to lock and unlock the window we can rekey the lock to the same key you use for the rest of your house

Sliding Window Locks

These locks prevent the window from sliding open or closed on its track this will prevent anyone from the outside from sliding open a window if the lock is locked

Swivel Action Locks

This lock does not require a key this lock uses a handle to keep the window from fully opening

Folding Latch Locks

Latches installed on the top of windows allows air to circulate in the room only the top of the window opens, unless the lock is completely unlocked

The London Locksmith

Window Latch Locks

These are the most common locks for windows it is a latch that is attached to one window and it can be attached to another window when they are closed both windows will be locked or unlocked at the same time

We can install whichever lock you prefer for the windows in your home. If you are not sure which lock you would like to install, our professionals will guide you through the various types of locks to find the most appropriate ones for your residence.

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Our technicians work around the clock to help you with your problem. Our experts are highly-skilled and dedicated to ensure the installation is made with absolute perfection using the highest quality materials in the industry. Call us anytime for your window lock needs and our technicians will arrive quickly to provide the highest quality service at affordable prices.

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