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London Locksmith scamsWARNING!London Locksmith scams

There Are No Legitimate £39 Locksmiths

Beware of any cheap London Locksmiths advertising £39, £49 or even £29! This is a Big Red Flag for a well known Bait & Switch Scam that could leave your home security compromised by crooks who will find out where you live, and get your Credit Card details as well as drill into your locks when its not needed. The price in the Google ad is never the final price. This scam is now so prevalent that Wikipedia have a page devoted to it (Read Here) .

Never agree to a London locksmith service if they wont give you a fixed price. Never pay a locksmith to “come and have a look” so they can tell you how much to open the door. You can read about more scam locksmiths or watch a video here.

if you ever find a legitimate Locksmith charging £39 ask them to give us a call we can employ them 

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