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UPVC Door Lockout

uPVC doors are very popular today and people use them not only for residential but also for commercial properties. As such doors use multipoint locking mechanisms and uPVC door lockout tend to happen more frequently.

What to do in case of a lockout

Although it is a very unpleasant experience when you cannot access your property, you can have a locksmith come out to provide access to your property. Whenever you will need to unlock your uPVC door in our service area, you can call The London Locksmith security experts. We will come to you in the shortest possible time and help you quickly and professionally.

We offer accurate and affordable mobile services on-site at your lockout. Our licensed technicians work 24/7 and are reachable throughout our service area. Our team is specially trained to open all types of uPVC door locks quickly, without any damage. Our master locksmiths always avoid unnecessary work and repairs, thus saving you time and money.

What not to do if you are locked out of your building

It is not advisable to use DIY methods in case of a lockout situation. This job needs to be done by professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and the proper tools and hardware to open uPVC door locks. Some people even try to break their locks or use force for unlocking the door. These can cause bigger problems than a lockout, as you may damage your lock or door and you may need to buy new ones.

How to prevent a lockout

A lockout situation is unpredictable in almost all cases, however, there are still some steps you can take to avoid it. We recommend you use our repairing service if you have obsolete or malfunctioning locks. It is also a good idea to have a spare key and leave it inside your house, office, or with someone you can

London Locksmith

Some reasons that cause uPVC door lockouts:

  1. If the key is left in your door, you cannot open the door from the other side
  2. Damaged, broken or faulty locks also may lead to lockouts
  3. If you have lost your keys or they are stolen and you don’t have a spare


we provide all types of uPVC door repairs in London from hinges to gearbox replacements.


Sometimes a lock is beyond repair and it is necessary to install a new lock. Our master locksmiths are able to set up many types of high-security locks on uPVC doors. Do not hesitate to contact us and our security experts will determine what kind of job will be needed to be done according to your individual needs.


Our licensed London locksmiths use only top-notch products and tools to offer you fast and professional services at the most competitive prices in the area. We also offer you fixed rates with no hidden fees! In addition, all our products come with a 1-year warranty.

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