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Rekey Locks

When you move into a new house, it is very important to make sure no one else has keys to your home. In order to prevent this situation, you should consider lock rekeying for your home.

Rekeying means that your old lock will work with new keys, and the old keys will not work in the lock anymore. In this rekeying process, we change the internal parts of the lock – to be accurate, the pins or the levers which are in charge of which key will operate the lock.

Our locksmiths are efficient and well-trained to ensure that the rekeying is done properly for your needs. Just let us know when you need the service and we will be at your location to complete the service.

Why Rekey Locks?

Some reasons to rekey your locks are: moving into a new home, losing the key to your home, having your key stolen, or having former tenants with keys to your property. Also, lock rekeys are more affordable and are a faster service to complete. Instead of changing the lock, a rekey is only changing the pins in the internal lock mechanism instead of changing the entire lock. This process results in a new key for the lock and any former keys will not work with the lock. If we are unable to rekey your lock, as some locks may not support rekey. We can also replace it, and our technicians carry a selection of locks of various security levels according to your needs.

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Master Rekey

We can also do a master rekey, in which each lock or room in the house has a separate key as well as you can have one key that opens up all the locks. This is most applicable if you are renting rooms or separate apartments in your home, or just like the convenience of having one key to operate all the locks in your house. Some locks have a different key way and cannot be rekeyed to a lock, which is different. To make it simple, if one lock operates with a complete different shape of keys than another, this process will not work.

We Value Your Time

Your time is valuable and we make sure that any job we complete fully to your satisfaction. Our technicians carry all the necessary equipment, so, we can help you with your matter on the spot. We are known to keep our customers fully satisfied with our services. We aim to help you with your problem as soon as you need it.

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