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Just when you think you are all set to leave, you realize you have lost your car keys and would not be able to reach where you are heading. These are the types of situations that would require the help of a Stratford locksmith. We are just whom you need. Our range of locksmith services in Maryland E15 is available for emergencies are available every day, every night. We can rush to your aid even for roadside situations. We dispatch our very capable technicians immediately because we understand your urgent needs have to be responded to with fast and efficient service.

Our Maryland Locksmiths are trustworthy; you can feel safe about our Stratford locksmith services. We provide automotive locksmith services from the simple and basic to the ore complex repairs and calibrations. We can assure you that our technicians are bonded, insured and licensed.

We provide residential, commercial and industrial locksmith services in Maryland E15. If you need to have your keys replaced or duplicated, we have the tools and manpower for it. We repair lock and key mechanisms for doors, windows, garages and gating systems. We can ably troubleshoot high-end electronic alarm and security systems.

Whether you need to install or upgrade the security systems in your home, office, warehouse, buildings, property peripherals or any other structure, we would be able to provide the quality service that you need. Our locksmith company in Maryland E15 has got years of experience behind it. We have had satisfied customers and we have shown great respect for their protection and security by always turning in excellent work. Whether your Maryland locksmith service requirements are for repair and modification or installation, we guarantee you professional results each time.

Anyone can just go on about how great they are as a company but we back our words up with an excellent track record of satisfying locksmith service in Maryland. We have every intention of keeping our name reliable and trustworthy. We value customer’s needs and understand them like they were our own. Our rates are reasonable. And we do place a high regard on professional and expert craftsmanship.

History of Maryland E15

Maryland’s earliest known recorded appearance is on a map of Essex published by J. Oliver in 1696, where it is marked as ‘Maryland Point’. The origin of the name is uncertain. One popular theory is that it originated with a rich local merchant who bought land and built in the area having returned from the American colony of Maryland (itself named for Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I). If true, then London’s Maryland would be unusual example of a place in Britain named after an American location, rather than vice versa.

Various attempts have been made to identify the merchant. The most likely candidate seems to be Richard Lee (1617-1664, great-great-grandfather of Confederate General Robert E. Lee), who emigrated to Virginia around 1640. He became a tobacco planter, trader, an owner and trader of slaves, and an employer and importer of English indentured servants. His estate there included land on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, near a place known as Maryland Point (later to be the site of the Maryland Point Light). On returning to England in 1658, Lee bought land in Stratford, and in 1662 was recorded as owning a large house there.

However, retired history professor Ged Martin has questioned the American name-origin theory, finding limited documentary support for the story. Professor Martin put forward an explanation that the name derives from Old English words for a boundary, cognate to the Anglo-Saxon words maere and mearc.

With the growth of Stratford in the mid-19th century the vicinity was built up as Stratford New Town and Maryland gained a prosperous shopping thoroughfare. Maryland station opened in 1874.

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