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Opening The Locked Door

We settle all lockout circumstances rapidly and without any fuss. Basically where with you within 30 minutes. We check the necessary I.D afterward we will open the property door. This is normally done within 5-15 minutes by picking the lock, or non destructive locksmith tools. When the door is opened, that you can recover your keys and might want a **Free lubrication service. 92% of lockout services are non destructive. In the event that you have unique locks or high security keys, it may not be easy to open your lock with no harm. In these uncommon circumstances, the technique that we will utilize is the totally least damaging, and you will be educated and counselled prior to anything being done. In the 8% of situations where we need to penetrate the lock to open an entryway, it’s never on the grounds that we need to sell you another lock to make additional payments. We would of given you a fixed price when you booked the work and we honor our fixed quotes − that is our assurance. In the event that you figure you may have an exceptional lock with high security keys, we’ll ask that you advise us on the telephone and we may request an image to explain. While we’re generally have the option to open your lock, it’s ideal to keep you educated, and to understand what we’re facing before we show up.

Our Simple Booking Process

We’re free to answer your call every minute of every day and give a quick and calm fixed price for your lockout issue. Just advise us: Who, What, Where and When, and we’ll give you a fixed cost. We never charge VAT, Parking, congestion Charges or low emissions zone fees…. Fixed prices always

At the point when you affirm a London Locksmith, our team will send you an SMS message with the ETA of the locksmith.

Multiple times out of 100, our London locksmith will be at your place quickly and have you back inside another 15, without making any damage to  your locks or effecting your home security. We’ll even give you Free lubrication service!** You can’t beat that.

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