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Hackney Locksmith Services

Hackney Lock Change Services?

There’s no point in having locks if you don’t know who else as keys too or how many. At Hackney Locksmith, we can help you change your locks in Hackney for a more secure home.
Have you:

  • Just moved in?
  • Lost a key?
  • Had a flat mate move out?
  • Borrowed a key to a tradesperson?
  • Had AirBnB guests?
  • Had keys stolen?

If you want a peace of mind then you should change your locks. This does not mean installing brand new locks on your door and all the expense associated with that. For a fraction of the cost of new locks, our team can change the cylinder to your locks and give you brand new set of keys that only you have. We can also provide re-keying and it’s a safe and economical way to restore your security.
It involves removing the lock from the door, disassembling the key cylinder, replacing the internal lock pins with pins that match the new key, and then completely re-assembling all of the components. Its not that complicated, for professional Hackney locksmiths like us. It generally takes around 20 – 30 minutes per lock, including lock removal, cylinder disassembly, re-installation and key cutting. The average re-keying job can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Only you − have the keys for your locks.

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