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Emergency Locksmith in London

The London Locksmith company offers 24 hour emergency locksmith services in London for pressuring locked-out situations. If you need to get access to a door lock or safe, call us immediately to describe your lock and whether or not you will also need a new lock. We will make a price estimate for your specific needs and send over a locksmith as fast as possible to pick your lock or drill it if necessary.

The regular, day-time operating hours are from 8 am to 6 pm during business days and on Saturdays. Additionally, our locksmiths operate 24 hours. We know most of our customers are at work before 6 pm, so we adapted our schedule. Our hours are quite flexible, but sometimes there are situations where you cannot wait over night for a locksmith to come and help you get access to your home or car. If it’s past 8 pm and you are locked out of your house with no chance of getting back in any time soon, call us immediately and we’ll be as fast as possible. For urgent situations like these, we made our schedule more flexible and offered non-stop emergency locksmith services in almost all areas of London. We’ll answer your calls 24/7 and make you a price estimate depending on the emergency and the type of lock to be drilled.

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