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Commercial Lock Installation

Above all, securing your business could be the most significant and efficient investment you will make. Therefore, you need to protect your commercial property, your employees, customers, assets, stocks, cash, and records from theft, break-in or unauthorized access. In order to have the safest environment in your business property, you need to install the most effective commercial locks.

Business Lock Installation Services at London Locksmith

No matter what type of business you own, whether it is a small shop or a big factory, The London Locksmith can offer you a fresh installation of all kinds of commercial locks. Different businesses require different locks. Our experienced commercial security experts can suggest the best ways to secure your business property according to your unique requirements.

We install only the highest quality locks made by the leading brands in the industry. Our licensed and experienced technicians will help you choose the most relevant types of locks for your business.

London Locksmith offers you fresh installation services of all types of commercial locks, including:

High-Security Locks

High security locks are harder to open by drilling and are thicker than the average lock. These locks can be duplicated only with a security card provider and are hard to pick or bump.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks include locks that require a PIN or special password to open them instead of a key like a traditional lock.This number can be changed anytime in case of a breach of security.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks consist of two parts: one part is installed into the edge of the door and the other part is installed in the door frame. These locks are very secure and make your door highly secure according to the U.K. Standard.

The London Locksmith

Fingerprint Locks

These locks can be programmed according to a process done by an authorized user. This is suggested for interior rooms containing confidential information.

Card Reader Locks

Card Reader locks require a card to gain access. These locks are typically used for entries to private businesses, hotel rooms, and other rooms requiring high security.

Panic Bars

This is usually used for a door that is for emergency use only so that people can exit a building as fast as possible. These locks are required to have in workplaces and public buildings as per the British Law.

Qualified Team

All our security experts are licensed, knowledgeable with the latest products, and have the proper equipment. They are skilled in locks installation and providing a fast and efficient service at a reasonable price. Our commercial locksmiths can suggest to you the best ways to secure your business. Aside from fresh installation, we can also repair, replace, and rekey these locks.

For the strong security of your business, we offer a guarantee for all our products and services.

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