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Cabinet Locks

We install cabinet locks for your privacy or security needs at home or at the office.

The types of locks that can be fitted to cabinets vary depending on the cabinet profile, the material and size of it. Call us to discuss the details of your cabinet and the level of security you need.

Here’s why the level of security is important:

While standard cabinet locks, such as locks for gym lockers or mailboxes are cheap and easy to use and change, they can be picked easily or broken by force. If you only need a place to keep private things, a simple, small rim lock will work just fine. If you want increased security for your cabinet against damage and lock picking, consider investing in a more solid lock for metal cabinets or safes. There are two factors that increase security for your cabinet or safe: a good lock and well-hidden place. Surely, you can’t always hide a cabinet, but we’re here for you if you need a good, solid lock installed by a professional locksmith.

The London Locksmith company installs and replaces cabinet locks at residential and commercial properties in these areas of London. Call us for prices on our locks

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