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Bedroom and Bathroom Door Locks

Would you like a bathroom door lock for more privacy in your home?

Our certified locksmiths install and repair bathroom door locks of different types. You can opt for having bathroom door handles with lock for easier use.

This service is available for not just for bathroom doors, but also for bedroom doors and other interior doors that need lock fitting for privacy. Call our Locksmith in East London 0203 189 1283 and let us know the details for your lock fitting needs. If you need a lock installed to your bathroom or bedroom door or if the old lock is damaged, we will install a new standard lock. If you prefer to have a door handle with lock or a knob with fitted lock, we’ll inform you of the difference in costs and advantages. There are door handles and knobs that have a keyhole and there are also the types that lock automatically or by specific gestures. It’s a good idea though to always have a spare key around the house, outside of your bathroom.

If your bathroom door lock is stuck and you need access inside, call us before you attempt to pick the lock by yourself. We can assess the details of the situation over the phone and we’ll send over one of our trusted locksmiths equipped with everything needed to pick the lock. Our locksmith can also remove your lock if it cannot be repaired and change it with a new door lock. We have a no fix – no fee policy, so if we cannot fix your bathroom or bedroom door lock, you do not need to pay for that service.

The London Locksmith company handles lock fitting and lock changes for residential and commercial properties in East London. Call us for our lock prices.

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