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Lock Picking Tools

LondonlocksmithpicksApart from the torsion wrench which is the basic and the most important tool in a lock picking kit, there are, of course, many other types of tools that make a fine, complete kit of a locksmith. These tools can be used separately or they can be combined to open different kinds of locks, depending on the complexity of a certain lock. Thus, other than torsion tools, there are also half-diamond pick, hook pick, ball pick, rake picks, Slagel pick, decoder pick, bump keys and warded pick. This article will deal with each of these tool types respectively.

Half-diamond pick is also one of the basic tools and it is very common. Although it is usually used to pick individual pins, it can also be utilized when raking and opening disk locks and wafer locks. The length of this pick is usually from 0.5 inches to 1 inch and its shape is triangular. Now, each end of this pick can have an angle that is either shallow or steep and this will depend on whether you are picking without the nearby pins or raking. There are usually three half-diamond and one double half-diamond picks included in a typical tool kit.

As for the hook pick, it is very similar to the previous one, but it is in the shape of a hook. It is also called feeler and finger and it cannot be utilized when raking. A typical tool set usually includes hooks of different shapes and sizes.

A ball pick also resembles a half-diamond pick, the difference being in the shape of the end of a pick which is circular with ball picks. This kind of pick is usually used for opening wafer locks.
Rake pick is used, as you may suppose, to rake pins and this is done by quickly sliding it by all pins constantly until all the pins reach the shear line. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to open a lock and it is usually what beginners start with.

The so-called Slagel pick is rarely used and it is designed for opening locks which are electronic. In fact, it pulls the parts of a lock to their right positions.

The height of notches of a decoder pick can be changed and this enables access to a lock and a pattern for a replacement key as well.

Using bump keys is the easiest way for opening pin locks and it they are usually combined with torque.

Finally, a warded pick utilizes in opening warded locks and it conforms to the general shape of keys which makes internal manipulation easier. It can also be used for ripping of a lock.

All in all, these are the basic characteristics of all the important tools that make up a tool kit of a locksmith. Each of these tools has a special purpose which can be combined with other tools for a successful opening of locks without any possible damages being inflicted. Of course, you also need a skilled hand for that.

Lock Picking – an Important Aspect of Locksmithing

London locksmithThe craft of locksmithing is quite a complicated one in that it entails many different services that a locksmith should be able to provide their customers with. However, a type of these services that, in a way, makes the essence of locksmithing is picking of locks. Although the notion of lock picking usually bears a rather negative connotation, it is very important for the job of a locksmith for the simple reason that it makes the bulk of their daily workload. With the hectic pace of life, it happens very often that a person, for example, forgets his or her home keys inside the house and then they realize that there is no other way of entering without defeating the lock.

Thus, this aspect of locksmithing craft is very important. In fact, many locksmiths say that this skill of lock picking is actually art. This is because while performing the action, a locksmith does it in such a way that the lock remains completely undamaged. Of course, in order for this to be properly done, special tools are needed, especially if the lock in question is one of a peculiar kind, but special skills, patience and manual dexterity are also very important.

london locksmithSpeaking of tools needed for lock picking, there are quite a lot different tools and they are specialized for different types of locks. The majority of these tools are available on the internet and a locksmith can easily choose from a variety of different offers. Now, if a locksmith needs to pick, for example, one of the basic locks which are usually pin tumbler and wafer locks the most important part of the procedure is the separation of two sets of pins in order for the lock cylinder to turn. The two sets of pins are usually the upper pins which are also called driver pins and the lower one which are called bottom pins. However, the tool used for these kinds of locks is very simple and, of course, can be found on the Internet. Anyway, the more complex the locks are, the more specialized tools are required in order to pick them.

As for the negative connotation, it is conceivable why there is such a notion to the term of lock picking – it is an action that makes the essence of burglary as well. Therefore, there are certain laws that regulate who and when can possess the lock picking tools and the purpose for possession must also be stated. However, these regulations vary from country to country.

To sum up, lock picking does not always have to refer to illegal actions of criminal intent. It is, of course, often used for such purposes, but there are laws that intend to reduce such occurrences. This skill is rather related to a good locksmith and it is very often applied nowadays when people tend to forget their keys in different places and lose them all the time. Thus, it is a very important and helpful skill.

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