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Story of a customer:

I am an average man with an average job and salary. I am married and my wife and I have three wonderful angels. We live quite a normal life. It is true that it is sometimes hard to make ends meet, but those moments are rare and most of the time we do just fine. However, we live in such a neighbourhood where a burglary happens almost on a daily basis. Thus, we are not always at ease when the night falls.

It happened once that a burglar tried to break into our house as well. However, the neighbours were away so their dog was at our place and we kept him inside the house. The dog did not hear the burglar break into the apartment, but when he started meddling with the lock, the Spike (the dog) started growling and barking and he scared the burglar off. Nevertheless, we were all scared to death. I did not want to think about what would have happened had there not been for the dog and the first thing I did next day was go to the hardware store and see if I can find a lock that would be good enough to keep my family safe.

And so, I asked at different places, and most of them recommended pretty much the same locks, those that had labels such as ‘hardened’ or ‘pick resistant’. Thus, I decided to get myself one of those and a locksmith was to come the next day and install it. When everything was done, we felt a sort of relief and over time we forgot about the scary event.

London LocksmithsHowever, about a year after we had the new lock installed, one night, we all went to bed, my wife and I were still awake discussing an issue that came up at work when we thought we heard something. We paused for a second and realized that someone was trying to break in, again. At that moment the kids came to our room all frightened to ask what was going on. The noise was getting louder and then we heard the entrance door open. I reacted spontaneously. I grabbed a heavy table lamp and ran out of the room shouting from the top of my voice – go away, I am calling the police. My panicky voice mixed with anger probably sounded horrifying and the attacker ran away. It was a terrible, terrible experience.

The next day, when we managed to get some sleep and when we cleared our heads. The lock was a real disappointment and I am still angry at the salespersons who recommended it as a really secure and reliable one. I do not care about myself, but my kids did not have to go through all that shock. Our last choice was to call a Locksmith, We are so happy we found The London Locksmith who came to our property and provided a letterbox restrictor and a 3 star British standard lock that is home insurance approved as well as changing our deadlock to a 5 lever British standard lock he also provided us with a London bar we really feel safe now

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