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The London Locksmith is ready to serve you! There is no need to worry if you have lost your keys, locked yourself in a property, or your locks are not working correctly. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our speciality involves fitting and fixing all major lock brands. Moreover, The London Locksmith provides multi-point locks for uPVC doors and windows and services for aluminium doors. Additionally, we can advise customers on better locks that are High-Security British Standard that comply with insurance policies for residential and commercial properties. In addition, these locks are burglar proof high-security systems. We are just one call away to fix all your lock problems!

London Locksmith


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We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, and have Locksmiths throughout London mainly in East London, so you can always call us by phone. No other East London Locksmith provides you with services the way we do. Our prices are competitive throughout London and the east. Call today, and be one of our new satisfied customers! Our trained experts at The London Locksmith have insurance and and are bonded.

London Locksmith

Reason For Choosing Us

Reasons & Advantages

The London Locksmith company offers all kinds of Locksmith services in London. We have been in the London Locksmith business for more than 20 years now, and we take pride in offering excellent quality service and customer satisfaction. We have developed a reputation for providing services in a quick and professional manner.. If you are in need of Locksmith services, then you have come to the right place. We are a company that offers high quality and affordable London Locksmith services. We can assure you that we will provide reliable locksmith services, whether it is residential or commercial Services.

To ensure you recruit the correct London locksmith, think about the experience. Experienced locksmiths can work in a way that is better than new ones. You can survey there quality by taking a look at their past works or viewing their customer reviews. We at The London Locksmith offer fixed prices, no hidden fees, no vat charges on all our locksmith services and we have years of experience in the field and a lot of other companies cant provide this service.


London Locksmith

Covering east London and all nearby places
We are here to provide honest and expert locksmith assistance in London. We provide all types of locksmith services including burglary repairs and lock changes, emergency lock-out services, 24-hour availability and much more. ✓ Available 365 days a year ✓ Quick response, within 15 to 30 minutes ✓ Card payments accepted ✓ Fixed Prices ✓ NO VAT charges ✓ Call us now to get a perfect locksmith, in addition, we are not a call centre

London Locksmith Services

Locksmith near me
The London Locksmith are qualified locksmiths. With all the hard work now, we are pleased to be recognised as one of the most active locksmith in London. If you want to use our services you can reach us via 0203 189 1283. You can directly connect with a professional locksmith. Feel secure and discuss any issue related to your security concerns. However, we will also identify the problem and provide you with the best solution. The London Locksmith will provide a fixed price with no hidden fees when you call us and there will be no extra charges. (Until or unless your lock is unique than the one you explained). There are NO VAT charges. However, 90% of our opponents add extra and ask for the payment when they arrive at the location.

London Locksmith

Reason For Choosing Us

Reasons & Advantages

The London Locksmith is proud to be the name that customers in London have trusted since 2010 for home security and lock repairs, providing virtually any home security repair or upgrade to secure homes. Suppose you are locked out of your house or office and want someone to open the lock for you. You should call someone who is professional. It is not always the case that you accidentally lock yourself or forget your keys, but sometimes it is possible that someone forcefully attempts to get inside or attempts burglary. A professional locksmith near you will make sure to use the most secured locks assure your security.

There are thousands of locksmiths in the London; some provide all kind of lock related services while some are specialized in door lock services, while some provides car key making services.

You must choose the services that are required of you. Calling in a wrong guy will not get the job done for you and cost you extra money.

London Locksmith

Guide to Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Finding the best London Locksmith

When calling in a locksmith, you should be careful and very vigilant. Inviting a locksmith to do his work for you is inviting him to your house or workplace. While hiring a locksmith, you should look for some aspects:

1. Professionals and Qualified Locksmiths

Unfortunately, if you have to hire a London locksmith in an emergency. Chances are when you need a locksmith is when you have forgotten your keys inside and left in a hurry and locked yourself outside. So you will need an emergency locksmith. To hire a professional locksmith?

A professional and qualified locksmith would not waste your time and give you a piece of proper advice. The professional locksmith companies have insurance set up. This insurance assures you that your property is secure and safe regardless of what occurs.

The qualified locksmiths are courteous and are always willing to help. They are there to solve your problem with the least amount of hassle and take you out of the situation. The professional attitude is essential for a customer’s peace of mind.

2. Right Tools

A locksmith without proper tools can’t provide you with the right services. You can’t choose a company that does not have high-quality tools and products. According to your needs, a professional London Locksmith will provide you with the best available tools and security equipment. It would help if you never compromised on your safety by choosing substandard products and equipment.

3. 24/7 Availability

A professional London Locksmith company is available every time of the day to solve your queries and problems. The locksmiths should be easily accessible. You can never predict the need for a locksmith, the company that you should approach should have professionals who can reach timely to resolve your issues. They would not hesitate in coming at time.. A professional London Locksmith will reach you without making excuses about the time and weather and perform his duty.

4. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

A company that provides the locksmith services should pursue customer satisfaction as their priority. A professional locksmith would always listen to you and try his best to solve your issues, keeping your instructions in mind. A professional London locksmith provides you with the best available choices to make you content.

A professional locksmith company would not hide their customer reviews from you. They will show you their negative and positive reviews to give you a better sense of judgement.

London Locksmith

Why The London Locksmith?

Awarded 3 Best Rated Locksmiths in London

The London Locksmith has been awarded three best rated locksmith in London. Our services provide a 24/7 outstanding locksmith services in London .

We provide residential locksmith and commercial locksmith services in the most affordable rates. Our team of professionals can help you get inside by solving your locks and doors issues.

These are the reasons you should hire our London locksmith services.

Repair of Locks and Doors

Our team of professionals will repair any lock and door for you. Our professional locksmiths have expertise over every lock and do not hesitate to work with old or advanced locks. Our team tries to get your door or lock repaired in every possible way. In other cases, if the locks are not repairable, our team will offer you reasonable substitutions to look over.

Best Available Replacement

Our team tries to restore your locks in original conditions as they were before if it is not possible, our team provides you with the range of alternatives. Our London locksmiths have a variety of locks for you to choose from. We can also procure your choice of locks at our supplier’s discounted rates to give you a cost-effective solution.

Round the Clock Availability

One can never predict that when they’ll get locked outside or need a locksmith. Our professionals are available round the clock and seven days of the week to resolve your issues with your locks and doors. Our team of locksmiths will reach you within 30 minutes in the areas we cover. Our professionals come equipped and get to work as soon as they arrive to take the least amount of your time.

Peace of Mind

Our professionals are trained to give the customer a hundred percent satisfaction. London locksmith team provides you with free of cost advice and does not charge you for the evaluation. Our team members are insured and are hired after extensive scrutiny. The members try to take you out of the anxiety of being locked outside or broken door locks as soon as possible. The professional locksmith in our team gives their best to take you inside your place of comfort.

London Locksmith
Moved into the new Apartment?

It’s Better to Change Your Locks

Do you know how many sets of keys used in your new apartment? How many generations have already lived there? Do you believe they will never come back or pass on those keys? Don't take any risk and change your locks or modify them as soon as possible. We can fit and fix all your locks at affordable prices. Feel free and call us today

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Experienced London Locksmith

To ensure you recruit the correct locksmith, think about the experience. Experienced locksmiths can work in a way that is better than new ones. You can survey this quality by taking a look at their past works or pursuing their customer reviews.

Something else to consider is their quotations. It's a decent sign when a professional locksmith eagerly expresses their rates and is straightforward with their costing.

Ultimately, ensure they are utilizing locks that fulfil every important requirement. The London Locksmith offers truly sensible rates on all our locksmithing and security administrations, including key lock fixing supervisions, burglary lock fixes, and door fixtures.

Some Areas we mainly Cover

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London Locksmith Services

Keep Your Home Safe

Very few people put any

Keep Your Home Safe

Very few people put any

Lost or Stolen Keys?

If your keys have been Lost or stolen

Lost or Stolen Keys?

If your keys have been Lost or stolen

London Locksmith near me/

Police Advice

Homes with no locksmith security measures in place

Police Advice

Homes with no locksmith security measures in place

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How much do locksmiths charge UK?

Do you have a Locksmith near me?

In most cases yes we do have locksmiths near you.... but even if we don't have a locksmith near you, we can get to you within 30-60 minutes. Please call us and we will give you an ETA on how far one of our locksmith engineers is from your location

Does London Locksmith have a guarantee?

Yes The London Locksmith have 12 month manufacturers warranty . Also a 90 days guarantee on all workmanship... terms and conditions apply. Warranty void if spare keys are cut from someone else deliberate damage, alterations or repairs not made by us or attempted forced entry

Do you sell British Standard locks?

Yes. We stock the full range of British Standard locks required by your home insurance supplier i.e bs3621 or 3 star cylinders to validate your home insurance policy. we also do offers and deals give us a call and find out about our offers

How would the locksmith actually enter the premises?

There is 3 options Step 1: Try non-destructive tools. Step 2: Try and pick the lock. Step 3: Go in destructively may require drilling or using destructive tools but usually there is no damaged or really minimal damage made to the door.

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