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We are a groups of London Locksmiths offering all kinds of Locksmith services all over the city. We have been in the Locksmith business for more than 10 years now and we take pride in offering excellent quality of service and customer satisfaction for all your locksmith service needs. We have developed a reputation for providing London Locksmith services in a quick and professional manner and today, we are known as The London Locksmith 

If you are in need of a London Locksmith services, then you have come to the right place! We are a company that offers high quality and affordable locksmith services in London. We are in the business for so many years now and we can assure you that we will provide reliable locksmith services, whether it is residential or commercial .

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Our locksmith technicians are professionally trained with the experience to handle any job small or large.

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We provide fast, professional reliable emergency locksmith services around the clock 7 days a week for car, home lockouts and business needs.

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We keep our prices low to keep out customers happy! Find a cheaper price on the internet and we will beat it by 10%

your trusted and professional locksmiths in London, operating 24/7 and encompassing all locksmith services: lock replacement, lock picking, lost car keys, home, business & auto locksmith services.

Need a locksmith?

Are you stuck outside your home and you can’t find your keys?

Did you break your key by mistake?

Do you need to secure your home following a burglary?

Locksmith London is here to help you at any time and in any situation.

Our customer service representatives are there 24/7 to pick up the phone and schedule appointments at your convenience and in an emergency we can provide an emergency locksmith in just a few minutes.

London Locksmiths provides a high quality service around London and other local neighbourhoods. With local locksmiths you can be sure you will be assisted as quickly as possible. If you have experienced a burglary or a break in attempt we suggest you call one of our London locksmiths to install some kind of alarm system, have bars put in, get your locks checked and over all secure your home. See here for more about reporting and preventing crime.

If you don’t want your property and privacy intruded, secure your home or office today. We deal with all types of Home and Business problems: Burglary or Break-in, locked door solutions, lock repairs, lock replacement and lock upgrades, High security system: CCTV, Alarms, Intercom systems, Access Control and door Entry. We can also help you with all vehicle services: Broken and lost car keys, Transponder key problems, Lock outs, Lock picking, Car key duplication/Spare car key and Re-key.

See all of The London Locksmiths Services.

With many years of experience, our London Locksmith team is the right choice for you to get advice on ways you can improve the security of your home or business. Your security and satisfaction from our service is our motivation for being the best London locksmiths in the area. Call for a Locksmith today on 0203 189 1192 , and along with hundreds of other happy customers, you won’t be disappointed.

In London security is a major growing concern for business owners and managers across the London area and we at the london locksmith see it as our duty to provide excellent worry-free premises and security upgrades including emergency lock repairs, lock replacement services, lock installation services, lock fitting services, lock changing services and even key-cutting services. We deliver quality security solutions and devices personalised to suit your requirements. Locked Out Locksmiths London even specialises in servicing residential properties in and around London.

Door Panel Shifting

Glass panel doors are great architectural elements that can enhance the look of a home but when it
comes to security, they are an easy target for burglars. Panel doors can be removed and lifted off
the rack and have a locking mechanism that can be quickly overcome, making them a burglar’s
favourite means of entry.

Forced Opening

Gaining entry inside a property is sometimes just as easy as opening an unlocked door or an
unlatched window. If however, they were locked and a burglar still managed to force entry, we can
help you by replacing or repairing the damaged lock. In some circumstances, we are required to
replace the full window and/or door. No job is too big for us.

Glass Panes

Burglars can simply cut or smash glass doors to gain entry to a home.

Lock Picking and Slipping

Lock picking and card slipping are typical techniques used by burglars to open locks that are old,
cheap, or of inferior make. We can advise you on the best locks to install on your property to avoid
repeated burglaries in the future. All our work is carried out to meet British Security Standards.

Smashed Doors

One of the most common methods in burglary, roughly smashing doors is usually done during the
daytime. Applying physical force such as prising, kicking or smashing with a blunt object can
destroy a weak door. In particular for homes, this grants full access to burglars when the
neighborhood is empty and the majority at work.


Burglars often target rural or remote properties by sawing the lock off or by dividing the door in
half. In such circumstances, we will do whatever it takes to ensure your London property is safe
and secure. We specialise in providing temporary solutions such as ‘boarding up’ and guarantee to
leave you feeling safe, regardless of the type of burglary.

24 Hour Emergency Boarding Up and Securing Services in London

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith for Boarding Up Services with Fast 30 Minute Response Time and
NO Call-Out Charge to Domestic and Commercial Properties in and Around London.

Our Emergency Boarding Up Services are available to residential and commercial London
properties 24/7! If you require immediate support for your home and/or business, we
guarantee to arrive within 30 minutes to secure your property for you. It is important to act fast
in order to avoid further attacks call us now on 02031891192.

The London Locksmith Emergency Boarding Up and
Securing Services

Whether it is a commercial or residential property, The London Locksmith has all the professional
securing services in place to meet your requirements. The materials, tools and equipment we use are
always in stock allowing us to ensure that there are no delays in providing emergency support to
homes throughout London and surrounding areas. During standard business hours, we also offer
glazing services throughout the London area so you can get in touch with us to arrange a permanent
same day security solution! We can replace locks, carry out window and door repairs and if needs be,
we can even replace your door and/or window for you.

Will I still be able to access the property once it has been boarded up?

Yes, we provide boards with or without access points depending on your requirements and we can
also secure the property by boarding up from the inside or outside. The choice is yours but if you are
unsure, our expert technicians will provide you with all the relevant guidance to help you make
informed decisions. We have built up a loyal customer base over the years including homes, offices,
banks, restaurants, bars, schools and warehouses and we are considered a recognisable name in the
locksmithing industry. Our boarding up service is commonly relied upon by the police, insurance
companies, and private clients.

Keep Calm and Call 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

At The London Locksmith, we offer 24-hour emergency boarding up and securing services all year long.
Once you contact our team of locksmiths to have your property boarded up, you can expect one of our
engineers to arrive at the location within 30 minutes. You can count on our team to secure any
commercial establishment or residential property regardless of its size, and we always do a great job
at finishing the job efficiently!

When a burglary takes place, the door is the usual access point and often sustains excessive
damage! We provide door repairs and replacements to residential and commercial properties
throughout London 24/7! In the event of an Emergency, call us on 02031891192. We guarantee to arrive within 30 minutes to secure your property
for you in order to give back safety and security into your home or business establishment.
Locksmith London 24 Hour Door Repair and
Replacement Service

Ensure the safety of your property and your loved ones by having your doors repaired by the local
master locksmiths. We can fix all types of doors and deliver results that not only improve the
appearance of your residence or place of business but improve its security as well. Our team can
strengthen doors and frames or install high quality locks and bolts that burglars cannot easily
manipulate. From sliding bolts to hinge bolts, our locksmiths are very experienced in installing a wide
array of locking systems.
Same Day Locksmith London Door Replacement Service

Doors that have sustained large damages can be replaced with new, sturdier ones. You can choose
from various designs that fit any home style and can last for years. With our door replacement, you can
be sure that your new door will fit your needs and budget. We can provide swift assistance round-theclock
so you’ll never be stuck with a broken door. Doors are some of the more important structures in
any building since they allow owners access to the entranceway and keep unwanted elements out.
While most doors are constructed out of tough materials like metal, fibreglass and oak, they can still
sustain damage from daily use and can eventually fall into disrepair.
Here are some of the additional services we offer with Door Repairs and Replacements:
Lock Replacement

Door locks are sophisticated systems that are rather delicate and require maintenance once in a
while to preserve their function. The various parts of a lock, such as its spindle, can lose their
durability and quality as they sustain the effects of wear and tear. Some compromised locks might
not even work with the right key fitted. If you are experiencing difficulty locking or unlocking your
door, do not hesitate to call our services so we can assess the problem and possibly replace the old
Door Sagging Repair

Heavy doors can weigh down the jamb they are secured to. Over time, the doors could sag toward
the ground and complicate opening and closing. If you notice a portion of the bottom of your door
scraping the floor, then you might be experiencing this problem. Enlist our services, and we will
replace the screws and jamb hinges of your door as needed, saving you from a costly full door
Burglary Damage Replacement

Burglars will try to find different ways to break into your home. They might try to force open your
door and cause lasting and permanent damage to its lock and very structure. If your burglardamaged
door is beyond repair, do not despair; call our services and we will immediately install a
new door for you and secure your property from
unwanted elements.
Call our 24-Hour Locksmith Emergency Services

At The London Locksmith, we offer 24-hour emergency door repair and door replacement services all
year long. Once you contact our team of locksmiths to have your door repaired or replaced; you can
expect one of our engineers to arrive at the location within 30 minutes. You can count on our team to
secure any commercial establishment or residential property regardless of its size, and we always do a
great job at finishing the job efficiently!

Delivering expertise to homes and businesses across London; requiring lock installation, lock fitting and lock changing services. You can rest assured knowing that all our services comply with industry insurance compliance standards and ordinances to give you optimum benefits in maintaining the safety of your property. We also offer installation services of full CCTV and Alarm systems on all kinds of properties.


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Finding a Reliable and Trustworthy Locksmith London Service

Welcome to the Locksmith London Services. Call 0203 1891 192 now for access, lock changes, new locks fitted and repairs to locks and doors.

This is what The Locksmith London is for. Our aim is to ensure that you find tradesmen of standard and of merit, which are recognized by people and the industry alike.

So that you can avoid getting trapped by false claims and unscrupulous practitioners. Due to the lack of regulation, currently there are more and more false claims of untrained London locksmith online, which in many cases lead to unfortunate circumstances without anyone being liable. Locks for collection can be obtained from £9.99. Call 0203 1891 192

So in order to find a hackney locksmith service which you can trust, and rely upon to be true to their claims

The Locksmith London Services provides information and direction in how to find the merited and qualified services out there, avoiding scams, bogus websites and cowboy London locksmiths without the right education and training for the services they claim to be able to provide.

The locksmith London with the right products for you

With every home and every property there are a different set of defining factors when it comes to what security products is suitable and will prove most effective for the individual situation. If you get in touch with this dedicated locksmith London team you will have the home security expertise you need at hand, and the products which best suit your property and your budget.

Helping homeowners, landlord, small companies and organisations to better security situations is what the team does best, and with the long years of wide experience gathered we learned many things. If you would like for a trained, experienced professional to survey your security feel free to get in touch and book in now. The requirements for a successful security check are quick and simple, all you need to do is be home when your locksmith London expert arrives and you will within the hour, depending on the size of your property, have a better view of your own security situation and advice on how to deal with the holes in your current setup.

Your locksmith London team enjoy helping people to a better and more comfortable situation, and with priority on your preferences you will struggle to find any other service who provides such whole hearted and dedicated service. Going the extra mile is something we do gladly, and working to find the best deal for you is our pleasure. Call now to book in for a security survey or to book in for any other work that you need, anything from lock changes and repairs to alarm installation and home security upgrades.

Your all hours locksmith London team in case of emergency lockout

For those situations where your keys are lost and you are on the wrong side of the door, the ones in which you feel life is against you, keep our number so that you have someone to call. We are a ready and available team for all your emergency and day to day locksmith London needs. This means that you can call at any time for a quick response, and upon receiving your call for help we’ll be on the way straight away.

In the area there are few great, trusted and reliable services, but rest assured by phoning us, you will have made a good choice. The many thankful customers previously and presently with you speak of the great service you will get from the lovely team.

All your questions and needs are answered and fulfilled, your emergency lockouts resolved and your security and convenience kept high with this expert team. What you and your home or business need to be secure can be found here, advice, repairs and installations are just to mention a few of the many services we provide, for your door locks, your window locks.

Naturally your outdoor security and your alarm systems are also covered as well as your emergency needs. With this locksmith London team you will never be without aid when it’s most needed. Save our number now and feel free to call if there is anything that you are wondering.

Simple and elegant security solutions from your locksmith London service

Are you worried about your security at home or at work, but feel that you are not sure where to start in providing excellent protection for yourself, your home and your family. The team of trained professionals here is just what you need.

Having a conversation with someone holding many years of experience will no doubt leave you more informed and in better standing in the question. In addition to that, you can call your dedicated and always ready locksmith London service team at any time to find the advice, the services and the emergency lockout help you need. So don’t let your worries weigh down on you, providing a good security situation for you, at a great and affordable price is something that this team of merry workers do gladly.

Home or business security is not a matter which should be seen a burden, it’s something which is there to provide you with protection as well as a sense of safety, both for your physical belongings and investments, as well as for your mental well being.

Call now to find out how you can find simple security solutions for yourself and your company today, and don’t worry if you feel that you are not of technical or digital persuasion, we can help you find the easy to use high security items you need to keep the security standing at a good level.

Sensible security from your trusted locksmith London team

The last thing that you would want is a security solution which is far removed from practicality, if your security only causes you trouble and frustration, the question would undoubtedly become, what good is it? A great locksmith London team have the skills and knowledge both to products and to the area to be able to find a good and sensible solution. Every house is different, just as every resident is, and making sure that you have a good idea of how your security features are keeping you protected is one of the trained team’s main priorities. The customer is the most important thing, and keeping you, your home and your business as secure as possible is what we do best. If you are shying away from having security equipment installed due to fear of complicated technology make sure you get in touch with the team here. Helping you find what suits your home and your persona is something we do with pleasure as well as a high sense of responsibility. By training and educating ourselves both the new technologies out there as well as to keeping an eye on what is going on locally we are able to find great solutions for all our customers. With your best interest at heart we keep jargon free when discussing your security and our services, and with the friendly locksmith London team always available, you can always get in touch should you have any unanswered questions. Call now to find how you can get your own sensible and secure solution from a caring team who understands your security needs.

Your locksmith London team with home security in mind

Keeping focused on security, and specifically yours if you are making use of our many great services, is what the team prioritises. What is best for you is the main point, and in accommodating for your needs and preferences we pay great attention to all you have to say.

Your locksmith London team understands the importance of your security, it’s not only about keeping your things safe, but it’s about keeping your home, your space, and most importantly your family and those you love the most safe. Your locksmith London team are always rolling with the times, and when you make your choice to call this team, you’ll be sure to get the highest quality and up to date security items, which are always installed with perfect precision and attention to detail. Taking your home security seriously is something that the locksmith London team takes serious.

You can trust the reliable and recommended team with what ever you need and at any time. Call now to speak with a trained and polite individual who can assist you in all matters locks, keys and security.

Check your home security with your locksmith London team before going away

There are many ways which you can reduce your risk of being burgled, and should you be planning a trip away any time soon, it’s might be wonderful idea to spend some time on the topic. It’s well known that empty homes are at a significantly increased risk, and consulting with your locksmith London team if you have any questions on what the best preparation for your vacation is, will leave you more informed as well as leave your mind in a more relaxed state.

If you have subscriptions or if you have plenty of post arriving to your home, ensuring that you cancel newspaper, deliveries and so on will help you eliminate the obvious signs that the house is unoccupied in the present.

Light fittings and timer solutions is also a cheap precaution which will assist in making the house seem inhabited. The locksmith London team also suggest that you speak with your neighbours and make them aware to your absence, that way they are more alert to any suspicious behaviour around your property, and other arrangements may also be made, such as arranging for your neighbour to keep their car in your drive a couple of days here and there, again to simulate someone being at home.

If you have questions, call the great locksmith London team when you have time, and if you would like to install a home security alarm system before you head out we have many affordable high security varieties in stock which can be up and running quickly.

A reminding locksmith London team asks when your last changed your locks and keys

With the warmest interests at heart, keeping only you in mind, the team here would like to bring the titled question to your mind. This has the intention to spark thought in and around the point of security, at home or at work for you. There are many good reasons to ensure that you don’t let such a point slip your mind.

Home security is something which is gaining publicity, however not fast enough for the locksmith London team here. The world is moving fast forward, and with a steep expansion curve in population, it’s understandable that there are other developments which will also take place.

All the caring, sweet and dedicated team here wishes for, is to ensure that you are following the current progress to the extent where you can keep yourself and your family safe. Look at it this way, how many hours have your worked for your home, how much does your family’s safety and security mean to you, what would the future hold in a worst case scenario? We bring this up, not with the intention of causing you fear but in hope that you will gain the apprehension needed to take some small steps to improve your home security.

Your locksmith London service team knows just how affordable and how available a good security situation is today for any homeowner or landlord, or anyone who today is lucky enough to be able to afford buying a house. The team here appreciates that you work hard for your mortgage and see it ludicrous not to invest a little in your physical security when such steps are taken to ensure your financial security in the future.

If you are in need of advice or assistance, or just need a professional who can answer your questions, feel free to get in touch with the knowledgeable locksmith London team now.

A task to notice your home security with a locksmith London expert

One thing which is highly important when it comes to your security situation at home is the simple act of paying mind to it. Something so simple as to take notice can end up saving you from a whole mountain of trouble.

This is why this locksmith London team of specialists are always promoting good security awareness. A small and simple task that you can do yourself at home, is to take a walk around your home. Inside and outside, and give yourself some thought to how you could actually make it a more safe and secure place. We pass through our homes several times a day and spend much time in our gardens, but very seldom do we actually give consideration to our security.

This is something that your locksmith London service team would like to change. What suits this recommendation even better is perhaps to do this after darkness has fallen. This will mean that highlighted to you, will also be the dark areas of your garden and potential pathways leading to the house which are in good cover.

Being covered by bushes and without any light nearby is the ideal for anyone wishing to break in and by providing good positions for outdoor lights you will deter most thieves. Your security locksmith London service team wish you the best of luck in this exercise, and hope that you will be back for more great tips from us. Feel free to give us a call at any time with questions or if there is any of our services that you need.

A locksmith London loving locks for you

First and foremost in all home or business security situations you can imagine, comes the importance of having the right type of physical protection needed to stop anyone from easily making their way into your property. Locks are what we do best, as it is not only our interest and our work, but it’s also a way to keep our customers as safe and secure as possible.

What people may not know is the wide variety of lock types out on the market today, and if you need a new lock installed and were thinking about doing it yourself, it can be difficult to know just what you get. Approved products and of appropriate standards is all that is in stock with this locksmith London service team, and rather than going through the long process of researching, learning how to and installing one yourself, why not let an expert do the job.

This will save you time, won’t cost you that much more, since this locksmith London service team keeps competitive prices, and at the end of the day you have the guarantee and the reassurance that things have been done properly by a professional.

Each door type have a specific ideal lock solution, and with new materials such as UPVC and many custom door types out there today, it becomes increasingly important to choose the right lock for you.

The locksmith London service team here are specialists in the area of locks, and door locks, so if you come to our team with your needs, top quality is certain. Stocking only products from known and trusted brands and manufacturers and keeping with current industry news you can trust that your door locks will be up to date with this expert team.

Your all-round guaranteed and efficient locksmith London service team

Nothing short of a love for locks is how the team here would describe their dedicated nature, both to the craft and engineering involved in the work we do as well as in the happiness we can bring to people by providing efficient, applicable and all-around great service for our customers. Call your locksmith London service team today to find out just how we can help you with your current issue and need.

With eagerness and agility we take on your requests at competitive prices, and though having worked in a wide array of different settings and with a long row of different people we have learned the important lessons of the trade.

Ensuring that you choose this locksmith London service to assist with all your needs, will ensure that you have top of the range products, the latest security news and of course a home or office kept in the highest nick of security you expect today. As security issues are varied, so are the solutions, and if you are in current need of a locksmith London expert for advice or installation, please feel free to get in touch directly.

Open 24 hours every day so that you can get in touch when suits you, or when your need is at its greatest is only one statement of the great service which is to be found here. Get in touch now for more information or to find your fast resolution to a pressing lockout scenario.

Reasons to choose this lovely locksmith London service team

Finding a service which you can rely on, no matter the time, no matter the weather and no matter what your requirement can be a difficult thing.

There are many providers out there today speaking of their great price and great products but fail to follow up in providing the service they promise.

The understanding locksmith London service team here, understands fully the need for a service which can be relied upon in all weathers and all times, however we also understand the need to provide our customers with a well rounded selection of available services, simply meaning that there all your needs can be covered by one caring and customer focused team.

On top of that the locksmith London service team are always training so that we are up to date with the latest news and can assist you with any inquiries and questions you have with regards to the latest available assortment of products on the market. Of course the helpful locksmith London service team is here, ready and waiting for you call, day and night, and always happy to help you find the best suitable solution for your needs.

Key cutting, lock repairs and daily needs are filled swiftly and efficiently at times decided by you, as flexibility is one of the key factors we adhere to, ensuring your convenience. More extensive work, full security checks and installations are also readily available, and if you give the locksmith London service team here a call today we can discuss what you have in mind.

For those times when an emergency need occur, having our number close at hand will ensure that you have a locksmith London lockout service just a dial of a number away. Reputed for rapid response and fast resolutions you can put your anxiety at rest as help is on the way the second we receive your call.

A locksmith London service dedicated to raising security awareness

Bringing information and tips on how you can better keep yourself, your home, your family and loved ones.

As well as letting you know of suggestions for good security keeping for you as a small or medium business owner is something that the trained and dedicated locksmith London team does gladly. You can call on us at any time there is an emergency lockout need of sorts, perhaps you are stuck in a stressful situation where the lock to your front door has malfunctioned and you are already late for work, or you have simply lost access though lost keys or organisational clashes to a door which you need desperate to be though at this very moment.

A locksmith London service who are burning for keeping a security standard in the community which keeps our homes and our families protected, you can rest assured that all you need can be found here. From a team who brings you the latest news, the soundest advice and the best security products for your home and for your business available out there at the current.

And on top of this, your locksmith London service does this at competitive rates to ensure that you get the high security solution that you are looking for at the best possible price.

Stay tuned to our webpage for more information on how you can keep alert and secure in and though your everyday life.

Call now with your questions, inquiries and needs, in this area there are no other locksmith London service providers who are as the team here does for you, with aims on long customer relationships your satisfaction will be guaranteed, so don’t feel shy with your questions and call now.

Quick and friendly service from your locksmith London team

Getting in touch with the team here you will be getting in touch with a gentle and understanding team who have the training and skills required to ensure that you are kept secure.

In speaking to us you will have the long years of training and experience of the team at hand. Your requirement will be handled in an efficient and professional manner, by the friendly team members here.

On top of that, if you get in touch with this locksmith London service team you will also be sure to have a competitive quote on the latest and best products out on the market today.

Keeping up to date with the industry market is something that your locksmith London service team does happily for you in order to ensure that the security that you choose to put into place is of the highest possible standards.

Our priorities lies with you, and in the set of values highly regarded by this honest locksmith London team promotes long lasting customer relationships which are built upon the foundations of trust and great service.

Call now to find out more about your own home or business security and rest assured that what you need will be up and in place in a rapid and highly professional manner with each detail and aspect f the job given the greatest attention.

Your locksmith London team is dedicated to you regardless of the job at hand, and quality is something we pride ourselves in being able to provide on all products and services needed.

A caring locksmith London brings pressing security issues to your attention

As a dedicated and loving provider of traditional and modern key, lock and security installation services, this team is becoming more and more aware of the requirements for security today. Especially for the average homeowner in the area. With a row of incidents being reported where insufficient locks and a lack of good security means in place has caused tragedy for the families involved have broken the hearts of the involved locksmith London team.

Without an intention to bring panic or dread, we would like to highlight, as many times before the importance of security at home today. The situation in the world is always changing and many of the products that were considered safe and “high security” half a decade ago no longer fits the description.

Just as many of the so called home security systems available to order and install yourself from providers who know little about security on-line, do not provide the correct level of security. That is not because the products sold doesn’t do what they package says they will, in most cases this trained locksmith London team finds the products remarkably well designed. But more due to the fact that there are other aspects of a home security situation which is left out.

The safest recommendation is always to ensure you have a professional look your home security situation over, it’s fast, simple and will leave you in a good situation to deal with any decisions and costs which you will have to take into account. With a professional locksmith London security inspection you will also be able to add installation work and other services to the job list, which all come at a competitive and affordable price.

Easy home security installations with your locksmith London service experts

Who ever said that home security had to be complicated?

It is easy to be led to believe that having some sort of home security system installed is a complicated manner due to the vast amount of products you can find on the industry market today. Your locksmith London understand those who feel confused and overwhelmed by the range of options out there today, and if you are unsure of how to move forward with your home security upgrade, we recommend that you get in touch with someone with experience in the field.

There are many products out there today which are available for the private home owner to purchase by themselves, online or in a hardware shop. Your locksmith London service team sees it as a great thing that security thinking is becoming a more commonly occurring thing, however the reason for recommending always speaking to an expert in the domain is simply this.

There are many security products out there which are of good quality, of good make and do their job efficiently as an alarm and monitoring system for instance, however what good is this system if the installation is lacking, and how much protection does one get from high end security cameras if it doesn’t cover the poorly protected potential window entrance at the back of the house.

To be able to install a great security system at home, keeping position, over all security situation, additional factors and much more in mind, a professional locksmith London service is needed. One that has the experience and training to help you find not only the right products for you, but who also have a deep understanding of your security situation as a whole. Feel free to call on your locksmith London service team for related services today!

Initial checks for any Locksmith London service you are considering

1. Ensuring that the trader that you are looking at hiring for any job you may need, is to ensure that they have a valid trading address.

Addresses provided on websites are often fake, and by first and foremost making use of a tool such as Google maps. If a business have a valid business address they must go through a process of verification to be shown as a business though Google.

Simply meaning that this quick check will quickly reveal anyone who does not have a verified address with Google as an unreliable source. For a great Locksmith London service you can of course dial the number at the top of the website.

2. Meeting first, before any work is agreed upon is always a good idea. Here you will be able to detect pointers towards a trusted Locksmith London service. Branded vehicles and work clothes is always a good sign.

If they have professional business cards, and proof of their training and certifications as well as if they carry spare parts and products of known brands, such as Yale and Assa, as many bogus traders will not go through the rigmarole of creating a good public image for themselves.

3. Conduct a background check on the service provider in mind and beware of any locksmith who states they only deal in cash. Our Locksmith London emergency access service is a great place to start if you’re locked out and need an emergency professional.

4. In the case of a lockout scenario, beware of any locksmith hackney service who tells you to buy a new door. A trained locksmith will have the tools required to deal with the majority of lockout scenarios.

Listed locksmith London and services

which regulates who are able to call themselves a locksmith, and there are many traders out there portraying themselves as industry professionals without training, experience or the knowledge needed to provide professional services.

In some cases you will also see websites which set themselves up as legitimate traders using similar names, or at times even the same name as an existing service. Should you spot the same number on several different local listings for a hackney locksmith, there is a chance that they are not local or legit. It’s always a good idea to shop around, even if you are in a situation where you are locked out of your home, make a few phone calls before you choose your service.

If you call a few different phone numbers and notice the same person answering the phone you should also keep aware.

If you are starting suspect something is not right with the service you should always instantly deny them access to your home, and although the majority of scammers who turn up in foreign plated vehicles are only there to collect as much money as possible for a job poorly done, there are also instances where homes have been scouted for intrusion.

If you have the chance, the best way protecting against an non legit trades incident, is to before you urgently require a locksmith London. Find trusted and recommended traders in your local area.


Many long running and legitimate service will also have a shop from which they provide services such as key cutting, lock opening, sales of safes and other security equipment. Our Locksmith London offer a reliable and trustworthy solution when you’re locked out.

If you visit them and collect a business card or save their number before you land in an emergency situation, you can rest assured that you have a trustworthy service close at hand when you need it.

Trusted Locksmith London

We speak here of course of the worst case scenarios, and there are of course many legitimate, dedicated and highly trained locksmith services out there, and unfortunately their reputation is often damaged by those who are trying to make quick profit and take advantage of peoples urgency.

Of course we cannot change government legislation, but we can do our best to be prepared and learn how to spot the signs of scammers who do damage to customers and legitimate locksmith London service providers alike.

And find good services who we can trust and build long lasting service relationships with, as so that we always have someone to help us with our emergency locksmith needs as well as installation, repairs, key cutting, security safes and all other locksmith London services we may be in need of.

A locksmith London service team to your rescue

Get the number for this dedicated and always ready service team jotted down, saved in your phone, in your contact cloud or whatever it is that you use and have easy access to.

By ensuring that you have this number close at hand at all times will also guarantee you available and rapid service when you need it the most. Being stuck behind the wrong side of any door when the keys have gone astray or the lock has malfunctioned can be a highly stressful scenario. Your understanding locksmith London service team have therefor made it a point to always be ready, and always ensure that they can be at your service, to your rescue in a moments notice. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night that your urgent need strikes, you can call on the team here to be ready, vehicles equipped and minds on the job.

Your locksmith London service team come with great recommendation for the speed and precision, and as of yet there has been no lockout scenario that could not be resolved in a rapid fashion. In the cases where the keys have been lost or the locks need to be changed for any other reason, your locksmith London service team carries with them spare up to standard spare parts and new locks ready for installation.

Meaning that your emergency lockout situation can be resolved to completion on the spot and no further actions and inconveniences need to be caused to your life. Having the number of this always focused and ready team will bring you help when you need it the most, but can also bring you high quality services of any key, lock and alarm issues and requirements that you may have. Feel free to get in touch at any time.

Your locksmith London service keeping your business up to date with security

If you are a small or medium business owner and you are worried with regards to security, or if you simply don’t know where you stand with it, feel free to get in touch with the professional and experienced team here for help with getting up to date with the right gear and protection. Your locksmith London service team have helped and array of different businesses of all kinds, from shops, to office locations, home offices, stock locations and much more to a better situation for their businesses. There are many good reasons to ensure that you keep yourself in line with what is currently recommended, both from the point of keeping in line with any insurance policy that you have taken out, as well as to protect the proper protection for the value that your site contains.

Speak to your locksmith London service team today and get your security questions answered, our friendly team are here to advice and guide your steps towards a more secure future for you and your business. And with a caring and understanding locksmith London service team like ours, you will always have cost efficient solutions that suit your security needs as well as your budget. Call today to find out more about how your favourite locksmith London service can be of assistance, and should you need any of the other repair, installation or consultant services please don’t hesitate to book in. Flexible on times and with a friendly approach all your locksmith London service team members are always happy to greet and assist in any way they can.

On top of that you can call at any time for your locksmith London emergency lockout service, guaranteeing access at any time. You will not find as well a rounded service in the area, save our number today.

A locksmith London service ready at all times

There is a nightmare scenario which occurs much more often than commonly believed.

The reason can be something small such as a loss of keys, a mishap in planning or simply a faulty lock. Being locked inside, or even worse, outside in the cold is something which can prove a difficult and highly stressful situation.

At times it can even prove a health hazard.

This is why your locksmiths London service has made it a point to always ensure that we are available in the times when we are the most needed.

If you ensure that you save the number for this rapid locksmiths London emergency lockout service you will never need to panic in a scenario such as this. All you need to do is pick up the phone and help will be on the way to you in the fastest possible manner.

If there is anything that your locksmiths London service is understanding of, it’s the potential stress and anxiety caused in these types of situations.

This is why the caring team here has made it a point to always be ready, vehicle packed and phone available, so as you can reach help when you need it the most. If you have any questions with regards to the locksmiths London emergency lockout service, or if you need urgent help with access, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your 24 hour available team here.

Of course if you are in need of any of the many other day to day services which we provide here, you can also get in touch. With flexibility any appointments can be made around your busy schedule, and of course if the job is needed with urgency this will be catered for too by your quick locksmiths London service team.

Multi layered security for your home with your locksmith London service

You may have heard the saying less is more, and in many cases that is something that the team here agrees with, however, when it comes to something like your home security situation, more often than not, more is actually more.

What your experienced locksmith London service team has learned though the many years of having advised, supplied and installed security equipment for regular private home owners, is that the best approach is what we like to think of as a multi layer approach.

By adding more factors to your home security situation you are adding one of the most important things which make up an ideal. Only second to the physical protection that good locks on your doors and security bars for your high risk windows is that deterring factor which is emphasised by a layered approach.
If you think about it as your locksmith London service does, if you are a burglar searching for a target, chances are that you would not look twice at home which is well lit, that has an alarm panel, which has no desirable goods displayed in the windows and that has those pesky loud gravel stones on the paths around the house. There are simply too many risk factors involved.

Your locksmith London service knows that if your home looks secure from the outside, it’s very unlikely it will be targeted, and if there is nothing that can be seen through the windows of high value no burglar will risk being caught for nothing. Of course this little anecdote only contains a few factors which are good to keep in mind when it comes to creating a good security situation, and if you want to know more, you can always get in touch with your locksmith London home security experts for a consultation today.

High Security Gates, Grills, Shutters, Bars and much more for your home or business

Take contact with a great, respected and recommended locksmith London service team today, a team who is always on the move, scoping, searching, finding and providing installation of the finest and most effective security solution for you. Today we would like to let you know that among the wide variety of services you can find with this friendly team are many, and perhaps for you as a business owner especially relevant may be the fact that we can bring you the help and advice you need to keep your premises and your stock and equipment in the best possible way from a security point of perspective.

The understanding locksmith London service team knows just how much time, energy, passion and love that you have poured into your business investment, and aside from keeping your work secure, speaking to an expert will also bring light to the security of your finances. By keeping in line with your insurance security policy and guidelines you will keep risk away, and the best thing is that you don’t even have to worry about it. By getting in touch with someone who knows the area of security, you can rest well at night and focus your attention to the daily running of your business.

If you have specific requirements, your locksmith London service team are always happy to supply what you need, all that you require is but a phone call away. So don’t hesitate, dial our number today to find out more, and should you have any questions your happy locksmith London service team are always ready to answer then!

Ensuring proper protection with an alarm system by your Locksmith London

For a trusted locksmith London service having a home alarm system installed at home is a must, but it’s also understood that it can be a daunting task if you are looking at a security system for your home for the first time.

There are a wide variety of systems available, and it can be difficult to know in among all of these what to choose, and why. What your experienced locksmith London service would recommend here is to speak to an expert.

Here you can also find an article about home alarm systems, in which you can see what type of sensors are available for different systems, which may bring you to a better idea of what would be suiting for your choice.

The importance of high Locksmith London standard anti snap locks

A locksmith London security expert would like to share some vital information with you as a home or business owner with regards to your security. If you have a look at the video below, it is showcased just how easy it is to break into a lock which is not up to the standard it needs to be.

If there are any questions in your mind, or if you are unsure of what type of lock that you have installed currently, you can always speak to your locksmith London service, where you will be able to find the help, advice and the products you need which are up to standards, and provide strong protection against this common form of attack.

Just by having an anti snap cylinder installed on your door you will also deter any burglar who only uses this way of gaining entry. So there is no reason to wait, call your locksmith London service today, and make sure that your locks for all your door entry points are up to date.

Locksmith London Installing motion detection light.

Here at Locksmith London we understand the worry of being broken into, especially if your area has had a string of recent break-ins.

Having a bright garden light that turns on automatically when it senses movement will frighten any intruder!

Here at Locksmith London we can install a basic motion sensor which will trigger the light! So call your local Locksmith London today. Don’t hesitate when it comes to the security of your home and loved ones. Installing a flood light with a basic motion sensor is very cheap compared to full home security systems.

The importance of a secure Locksmith London window lock.

Now, its all well and good to install the best security locks on your doors but you need to cover all your basis when looking to secure your home. A window is a very vulnerable area on your house.

So call your local Locksmith London today and we can send out a trusted, trained and efficient locksmith to assess your house and install brand new window locks! No matter how many windows.

Here at Locksmith London we can deal with any job large or small! So get your house secure today with your local Locksmith London.

Window bars by your Locksmith London.

Here at Locksmith London we suggest that our clients have window bars installed. Whether it is a ground floor window, or a window giving light to your basement, we know the importance of keeping them safe and secure.

Windows may be considered a weaker point of your property as glass is much easier to damage or gain entry to than a wooden door, which is why window bars will both block any entry point of intrusion and keep your property safe from glass wreckage across your garden.

Call us to install high security window bars to keep your property safe from intrusion today for a same day installation! Locksmith London take home security seriously so we aim to provide detailed advice on even the smallest ways to add that much more security to your property. Call us today to discuss the best way to secure your home!

Locksmith London suggests having a pet!

Here at Locksmith London, we love pets, and you should too! Pets bring a much more loving environment to your house, dogs in particular! They are always just happy to see you when you get home from work!

Now, they are quite a few advantages of having a dog, and not just having them as a new best friend either! Dogs give a visual deterrent for any thief looking for a house to hit.

They also have a great sense of hearing so will bark at any sign of intrusion! Not only do they protect your home whilst you’re there, they also protect you home whilst you’re away too!

Your locksmith London service for all your needs

From lock repairs, installation and repairs, for doors, windows, garage doors, outdoor structures and more, get in touch with your locksmith London service team.

Here we are dedicated to your security and your London locksmith service needs. Should you chose us for the locksmith need you have, you’ll never have to look for another provider again.

Our services include:

– Door lock installation, repair, opening
– Window lock installation, repair, opening
– Security advice
– Security survey
– Key cutting
– Mobile service
– 24 hour lockout service
– Security systems installations
– And many other services, so please feel free to get in touch!

Your dedicated 24 hour available locksmith London service

For a dedicated and well recommended service, please feel free to take any lock, key or security inquiry to the locksmith London team. Here you will find highly trained individuals who treat each security situation as their own, and in order to be able to provide you with all the services that you can possibly require from a security locksmith we also have a 24 hour emergency lockout service.

Ready to come to your aid at any time you can rely on us to turn up with the tools and the know how to resolve any lockout or lock in situation. Of course any of the other services you can find here are available to book in for at times which are suited to you, and if you give us a ring we can discuss what it is that you are in need of.

Among a wide range of custom services and security installations you will also find that all your day to day locksmith London requirement needs can be filled by our lovely team.

Everything from quick, easy and instant precision key cutting, lock repairs and replacements and security systems installations can be done by our team. And should you have any questions with regards to any of our services or with regards to your security situation at home or at work feel free to bring them to us at any time.

The services provided are available for commercial customers as well as domestic customers, and with a long history in the industry you will be sure to get the experience needed for highly professional installations using products from known security suppliers and up to the high standards of the current security industry.

Your locksmith London service never compromises on quality, and with a friendly team you will be well taken care of.

Quality Assurance by Locksmith of London

If you speak to any of our previous customers you will soon know that our locksmith London team is one who comes with the highest customer recommendations, and with pride we base our quality assurance on our confidence to bring you only the best in both products and installation work.

We see security as one of the highest priorities for any home, and for this locksmith London team there is great understanding for the customers need to feel safe and secure at home.

Not to mention the financial security which good security brings. Most home or business owners pay an insurance premium, and should disaster strike there is safety in ensuring that the locks and security of the property or premises is in line with your policy.

If you are unsure or if you need help to ensure that you are keeping with the security guidelines for your insurance, you can speak to one of our knowledgeable team at any time suiting to you.